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E-Book Review: The Delcious Revolution Cookbook- For Healthy Busy People

I was sceptical about this E- book when I first purchased it, but I have come to love it and I live by it now!

The Delicious Revolution cookbook is a great E-book if you are interested in healthy cooking and healthy living. The author is Joy Houston, with photography by Travis Houston. This book has so many delicious recipes, and photography that makes everything look so tasty. This eBook is in full colour and it is very well written. There is so much great information provided in addition to the recipes, which is the main focus of this eBook. The author even includes a list of ingredients, which is a must for healthy cooking, and gives you links to where you can buy them.  There are recipes for breakfast, small plates & sides, salads, Entrees, desserts, and drinks.

To be honest I have never really been the cooking type as I have always been to busy and I’ve never really had the time which resulted in me eating a lot of ready-meals being a single man and not having to think about my family’s health. I began to realise this kind of eating was costing me a fortune and wasn’t doing too much for my health either! I decided I needed to start cooking my meals from scratch instead of just shoving a ready-meal into the microwave. I still did not have much time on my hands as I usually leave the house at 7am and get back around 7pm due to my busy work schedule. I asked a few friends’ and had a  look on-line for some quick and healthy ideas and this book came out top! It really has helped me not only feel healthier but lose a few pounds as-well. It has encouraged me to lead a healthier life and this is why I have put it on my new Blog which I will hopefully have time to add to each week. I highly recommend this E- cookbook to anyone in the same situation as me!

Click here for the E- book

I will be adding more soon, keep well, keep healthy and come back soon for more recommendations!

This is a video to tell to you a bit more about the book:

Click here for more information

More than a hundred, quick easy recipes that make healthy eating delicious.  Each recipe has a gorgeous full color photo. The introduction includes the Delicious Manifesto, an easy guide to ensure optimal health without giving up your favorite foods. It also includes a Healthy Pantry Guide that gives you the skinny on what to stock in your kitchen to stay skinny.  25 healthy breakfast recipes, 20 tapas, starters and small plates, 17 mouthwatering salad recipes, 23 main event entrees, and over 20 delicious drinks and desserts


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