Why is eating healthy so important?


When I was younger I always remember my parents use to tell me to eat healthy and eat a lot of greens. I hardly ever listened “YUCK” I always thought why the hell would I want to eat that when I could eat a big juicy burger or a packet of crisps? One day I remember being at the dinner table and my mum and dad would not let me leave the table until I ate all my veg. I just could not do it so in the end they had to hold my nose and force me to eat it.

Now looking back I can see how stupid I was. Eating Healthy is just so important. I am sorry mum and dad for not listening to you when I was younger!

We should think about what we eat, eating light, fresh healthy foods is so good for our bodies.Eating healthy is good for our digestive system and it allows us to lose weight. Healthy foods consist of complex carbohydrates, fruits,veg,protein, and a small amount of fat.

When we eat a lot of junk food our bodies have no nutritional value for our body. This means our body’s will store the nutrients taken for these foods as fat on our body.

Also another health risk is our body fat is covering our abdominal organs,which could affect digestion and cause digestive imbalances Constipation and our digestive issues are common with who are overweight and obese.

If we keep eating unhealthy foods our body’s will start to slow down and cause digestive problems after time.

sticking to fruits and veggies and food with less fat is the way forward.

If you eat more veg and more healthy foods you will start to see and feel the difference.

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  1. What a great post! Healthy eating is really important. Another huge reason why is because our bodies don’t recognize a lot of the prepackaged and processed foods we put into it. Take burgers for example: McDonald’s meat isn’t just meat; it’s processed and has chemicals added to it. OR you could take organic ground beef (or turkey) with nothing processed and make it yourself. Cheaper, healthier, and easier for your body to absorb.

  2. Don’t forget the importance of drinking adequate amounts of pure water in your pursuit of better heath.

  3. Great post, I am just starting my healthy eating journey.. it’s not going to be easy, but man will it be worth it!!!

    Take care and thanks for following!


  4. Right you are sir! Not only that, but eating lots of veggies reduces your risk of getting cancer, heart disease, etc. You also sleep better and have more energy! I’ve read numerous studies that back this up; The China Study is a particularly good book on the topic.

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